Matching funding sources with funding needs

ararat greenway

Resource Institute has a national vision for providing services and assistance with resource conservation and development projects. Because RI is headquartered in Winston-Salem, many of its early projects have been in the Southeast, mainly in North Carolina, with the intent to expand to other states in the region as capacity and opportunity enable RI to do so. 

Through its recognized professional expertise and its extensive networks, it intends to collaborate and participate on projects with national scope and global impact such as the sawgrass marshes and estuarine forests of the Florida Everglades or the Biosphere Reserve in Yellowstone National Park.

Resource Institute serves as a clearinghouse for the efficient and effective matching of projects and funds. RI helps nonprofit and government organizations identify and locate funding sources for projects involving conservation, restoration, education, and stewardship of natural resources. RI also helps organizations prepare and execute development strategies to optimize the funding they can receive.