Bid on a Project

Resource Institute seeks qualified contractors to provide construction services for restoration projects in our nation’s streams and watersheds.  See below for open bids and qualifications.

Dam Repair Project near Bailey, NC

Resource Institute would like to invite you to bid on a dam repair project near Bailey, NC (10121 Williams Road, Bailey, NC). The dam was damaged during Hurricane Matthew and is being repaired through funds allocated by the NC Department of Ag & Consumer Services.  Construction is expected to start early fall.

We would like to schedule a pre-bid meeting at the site to discuss in more detail and answer your questions. The potential date for the pre-bid meeting is set as Friday, Sept. 28 at 11 am.

Contact Ashley Hawkins to receive a bid package.



· One or more staff members have completed Rosgen training through Level IV. 

· Five (5) years of experience in stream restoration and watershed systems construction.

· Completed eight (8) related stream restoration projects in the last five (5) years (excluding construction work subcontracted to other companies).

· Job foreman or Superintendent of Job site (project) has completed a minimum of Rosgen training through Level II and/or has had three (3) years’ experience as a superintendent, foreman.

· Working knowledge of regulatory agencies including permitting agencies, wildlife agencies, and cultural resource agencies.

· Licensed to perform Grading and Excavating work in North Carolina.

·  An exception to the five (5) years’ experience: If a contractor has a minimum of three (3) years’ experience performing specific work on stream restoration projects that have been completed and have met the NRCS specifications and standards for streambank stabilization or channel stabilization, and projects were inspected and approved by NRCS/SWCD personnel the contractor would also be eligible to submit a proposal for consideration.

· Superintendent & Staff that meet the above qualifications are required to be on site for a majority of time during construction.

· Contractor will demonstrate the capacity to cashflow projects for a period of six months