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Dotson Branch Restoration an RCPP Partnership with Resource Institute and NRCS. Dotson Branch is in Haywood County, North Carolina.


What is Resource Institute? Watch this video to see how Resource Institute restores America's streams, rivers and wetlands.

Cartoogechaye Creek is a large stream in Macon County that originates in the Nantahala National Forest with a drainage area of 37.8 square miles. The Tinsley and Crawford families have lived along the creek for many generations, but several recent large storms had caused the banks to erode and the stream channel was moving and affecting the property lines.


"How often do we professionals discuss, design, and implement natural methods and practices to protect and preserve our valuable resources for the benefit of future generations? This amazing video clip takes that conceptual message to a new level of implementation and long-term commitment. As RI moves forward, I challenge each of you to consider how to better incorporate 'Mother Nature' into solutions for the various issues we face on a daily basis" 
— Squeak Smith, Chairman, Resource Institute, Inc.



A short, Must-Watch Video. In four minutes, this video will show you how important wolves are to our ecosystem, and how they can literally alter the landscape on which we live. - "In 1995, wolves were re-introduced into the Yellowstone National Park after being wolf-free for 70 years. What naturalists and biologist never imagined was that the most remarkable thing would take place."

Video 3:  Life of Southern APPALACHIAN Rivers

A short preview of Freshwaters Illustrated's film series on the vibrant yet little-known life of Southern Appalachian Rivers. Support this project at |